pH neutral cleaner for day-to-day cleaning of ceramics, porcelain stoneware and low-absorbent materials.

FLOOR CLEANER is a water-based pH-neutral cleaner with a concentrated formula, specifically formulated and developed for daily cleaning and routine maintenance of all floors and general surfaces covered with materials with low or no absorbency.

FLOOR CLEANER is a product that contains no wax or other agents that would otherwise leave a patina or residues and which, with time would cause problems of opaqueness and trap dirt on treated surfaces. On the contrary, FLOOR CLEANER is a product that leaves no residues, guaranteeing a high level of surface cleaning, leaving a fresh, pleasant clean fragrance.

When used at the right concentration, FLOOR CLEANER needs no rinsing. FLOOR CLEANER is the recommended solution for daily cleaning of all surfaces, indoors and out, where absorption is low or non-existent.


Ceramic Craquele'

Ceramic Glazed


Porcelain gres Lappato

Porcelain gres Honed

Porcelain gres Natural or Structured

SCHEDA INGREDIENTI 907-2006 FLOOR CLEANER rev 0.0.pdf Click here to download Ingredient Sheet
FLOOR CLEANER rev 4.0 TDS EN CLP.pdf Click here to download data Sheet