No-rinse, pH-neutral cleaner with antistatic properties for day-to-day cleaning of parquet and wood floors.

LAMINSTATIK is a water-based, pH-neutral product, specifically for daily cleaning of any type of parquet or wooden flooring. Its characteristic anti-static properties, with regular use, prevent the formation of static electricity which leads to a build up of dust on wooden floors and surfaces.

LAMINSTATIK is strong on dirt but gentle on wood surfaces. It will not damage wax or existing treatments and it also leaves behind a fresh, clean fragrance. When used in the concentrations listed, it leaves no residues and requires no rinsing. It is suitable for all types of material, whatever its absorption level, indoors and out.



Parquet/Natural Wood

SCHEDA INGREDIENTI 907-2006 LAMINSTATIK rev 1.0.pdf Click here to download Ingredient Sheet
LAMINSTATIK rev 2.0 TDS EN CLP.pdf Click here to download data Sheet